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Smart Apps’s custom professional email will help you look professional, build trust, and strengthen your brand.

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Everyone is looking to work with a business that
carries itself as professionals. Your email address is
the first signpost they see, so why not get that done.

Get a professional looking email just in two steps

Buy Domain Name

The Identity for your online presence is your domain. When you purchase a domain, you are purchasing the phrase that visitors will type in to access your website..

Hosting with Smart Apps Limited

The process of renting or purchasing space on the World Wide Web (www) to house a emails is known as website hosting.

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5 Account
$ 5
15 Month
  • 1 GB SSD Disk Space
  • 50 GB Monthly Bandwidth Limit
  • 5 FTP Accounts
  • 5 Email Accounts
  • Unlimited Mailing Lists
  • 10 GB SQL Databases
  • 8 Sub Domains
  • 10 GB per Email Address


Unlimited Account
$ 10
29 Month
  • 10 GB SSD Disk Space
  • 100 GB Monthly Bandwidth Limit
  • 10 FTP Accounts
  • 8 Email Accounts
  • Unlimited Mailing Lists
  • 10 GB SQL Databases
  • 10 Sub Domains
  • Unlimited Passenger Applications
  • Unlimited Max Quota per Email Address (MB)
  • Free cPanel

Moving email from one host to another can be difficult because it involves not only the emails but also the contacts and calendar events. 

With Smart Apps Limited Our team will help you to Migrate your emails without losing your current contacts, emails, or events.

Email Migration

Why Hosting with us

Your privacy is always our top priority at Smart Apps Limited. Our service is constantly being improved in order to better meet our commitment to your privacy. We ensure the confidentiality of your data by using industry-standard privacy practices. You’ll never have to look over your shoulder with Smart Apps Limited Mail.

Frequently Asked Question

Email hosting is a service that manages email servers and delivers email to individuals and businesses. It enables users to send and receive emails through custom domain-based email accounts. The email hosting service provides secure access to your saved data as well as spam and virus filters.

An email hosting service is required if you want to send and receive email. This is true whether you want a free email address or a business email address at your domain. After all, the messages you send and receive must be stored somewhere on an internet-connected server.

It is difficult and time-consuming to manage your own email servers and protect them from spam and DDOS attacks. Once you have set up your domain with an email host, they will take care of these complex tasks. Delegating the email host to run your domain email will allow you to focus on your business rather than running around servers, thanks to the extensive customization options.

Smart Apps Limited’s Mail provides simple migration tools as well as 24/7 dedicated migration support to ensure a smooth, lossless transition from your current email provider. Mail also supports calendar and contact sync, as well as PST file migration.

A business email account is one that you use solely for business or professional communications. Business email is designed specifically for teams and organizations that manage business communications. It is set up with the organization’s custom domain and adds credibility and professionalism to the brand. Collaboration is made easier by features such as group email addresses and global address lists.

Personal email is useful for one-on-one communication with friends and family. It can also be used to register for personal services and social media accounts. Business email is the most effective way to manage business communications and professional contacts. Business email typically includes group aliases, increased storage, and business-specific features and integrations such as migration support and a control panel.

A business email account is your personalized domain-based email address, where your domain serves as your brand’s and business’s online identity. Our professional team will assist you in setting up the accounts.

Any questions? Get in touch, our friendly team of experts will be glad to assist.